Special Thanks to God and

Integrity Mortgage Lending INC. (Of. Sponsor since day one)

Luzena Dorzilme (My mother)

Jarlene Joseph (JJ, my fiancee, she hates seeing me spending time on the site, but loves basekompa so much )

Chenet Nerette ( Who trusted me since we just started, and put his Radio on our service )

Lookens Metelus ( True friend, He had done so much sacrifice for BK. I'll tell you guys one day)

Yves Leblanc / Out ( Only God knows how hard he worked when we started, and no longer a Bk staff member anymore )

Adou Jerome ( worked together in Canada )

Junior Antoine Melay (Boston, advisor)

Ari Marius (Florida, one of our first advisors, he's true friend )

Reginald Dupervil ( Still good friend, but so lazy)

Theodor Fritznel Junior (New York)

Ronelson / Out ( Who use to work with us and decided not to be a Bk staff member anymore )

Gandhi Khan (Boston, Radio Continentale FM)

Bregard Anderson (Haiti, Caraibes FM)

Da-benz Chery (System Band)

Calex Graphics ( Always a plaisure to help basekompa when needed)

Arly Lariviere (Nu-Look)

Pascal Carriere (Master P. Orlando www.radioclassiqueinter.com)

Harrys Latortue / BJ ( some advices sometimes )

Bernier Sylvain / BS ( his service is always ready for us anytime )

George (Montreal)

Gazman Pierre (Nu-Look)

Dorcena Dorzilme ( Met Dolegran, Canada )

Jacky and Fabienne ( Radio Canada )

Anson St Phard (Kiki star , Haiti Represents / Radio Nationale )

Peter St Hilaire (St-Domingue)

Peterson Valet (Radio Independance in NY / he gives all himself to BK, I can't even tell)

Jean Robert Guillaume ( he has already sent to BK over 120 haitian moovies for our upcoming BK 24/7 Live TV, free of charge)

Djenny Yasainthe (very beautyful young girl, she's the host for our upcoming TV, she loves & has already done so much for BK)

Toussaint / Son laria (Trust me, he is working very hard so we can be the #1 haitian website ever)

To all the members on the Board (You are my active and everyday support)

Sad Harvens Dorzilme (Canada)

If you have helped basekompa some how, and your name is not listed, we just forget. Please, remiend me @ 718 989-7609. If you'd like to be a member or give us a push, Please , make a Donation you won't regret .

Jean-Berdy, CEO.

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